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Wonder Workers Studio

Wonder workers workshop offers 3D carving, construction, interior (exterior) and furniture made of solid wood. In the arsenal of the workshop is 3D CNC milling machine. The machine allows you to perform an artistic carving in the tree from 3D models and vector images. The complex features 3D-modeling of future products according to your drawings and photographs. Author's work with the models allows for unique (piece goods).

Pictured making the carved panels of wood in the photo. Left to right: creating a 3D model from a photograph, wood carving (ash) cover art (impregnation, patina, varnish).

Photo Mir CastleWorkshop wonder workers. Woodcarving. Carved panels.Woodcarving. Carved panels Mir Castle.

Milling machine allows you to cut a curved plywood, MDF solid wood from vector drawings or sketches. Working field machine 1350h2230h250 mm. The photo examples of 2D thread. In the photo, from left to right: letters from MDF, plywood grille, the word "coffee" from furniture board.

Мастерская wonder workers резьба по дереву.Мастерская wonder workers. Резьба по дереву и фанере.Мастерская wonder workers. Резьба по дереву.

Wonder workers working closely with the wood-processing enterprises, which shall harvest, cut and technical drying of the wood. In stock constantly available dried array (7-12% moisture) and exotic wood species growing on the territory of CIS countries: massaranduba, garapa, itauba, cumaru, oak, alder, ash, Karelian birch, maple. Carpenter shop offers services for gluing furniture boards and pieces. The result of our collaboration is the production and manufacture of individual furniture and art objects made of wood in the appropriate time and at reasonable prices.

Photo: timber board of oak and ash. Exotic wood: itauba, cumaru, massaranduba.

Мастерская wonder workers. Продажа древесины.Мастерская wonder workers. Продажа экзотической древесины.

Also, in the list of partners wonder workers - a modern paint-manufacturing (Italian chamber of the last generation). All specialists, except profiled, also have art education. So other than the manufacture of products, workshop ready to offer you the services of paint and lacquer paint coatings in Italy. In the photo: Left panel 3D carved out of wood. Right, the same panel, painted in turquoise color.

Мастерская Wonder workers 3D резьба по дереву.Мастерская wonder workers. Покраска изделий из дерева и МДФ

The workshop is developed in the following areas:

  • production and manufacture of carved furniture made of solid wood;
  • manufacture of carved panels (bas) and pictures (icons) of solid wood;
  • production of decorative elements and furnishings (carved mirror frames, arches, decorative screens, lamps, shelves, racks, fixtures, etc.) made of solid wood;
  • production of 3D wall panels made of MDF and wall panels carved from solid wood;
  • development and production of souvenirs carved from wood;
  • development and production of advertising signs and panels of wood;
  • production of decorative items made of plywood and furniture board;
  • development and manufacture of heraldic symbols and characters on the order (for organizations);
  • development and manufacturing solutions for the exterior of wooden houses and log cabins (house decor);
  • manufacture of furniture and door trim strips of MDF and wood.
  • sale of exotic woods

Respecting the interests of their clients, master wonder workers practicing an integrated approach to work - from design sketch (drawing) of a future product before its final completion and paint refinishing. The workshop is not taken for the fulfillment of orders, which are not able to perform. Wonder workers is looking for mutually beneficial cooperation: the design studio, architect, promdizanerov and creative studio.

Calculating the cost of the product is free of charge.

For new, interesting, unusual, persistent and large orders - up to 25%.

To place an order, please write to wonder.workers @ or please call +375 (29) 634-09-75

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Our works

Signs of wood cafe "Breeze"

Signs of wood cafe "Breeze". Cut in an array of ash.

Fragment of carved platbands "animal carving"

Fragment of carved trim on the door or a window from an array of Karelian birch.

Wood carving painting "Mir Castle"

Carving painting "Mir Castle" is made of solid ash.

Screen made of plywood

Decorative screen of plywood. A joint project with the studio Hi colors.

Bas-relief carved in wood National Bank of Belarus

Carved bas-relief of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus from the wood.

Set of stamps in a wooden box

Set of stamps birch-stamps in a box of solid alder. Made to order TDI Promo event.

Wooden constructions in oak for the store "Vitalur"

Decorative designs out of oak with oak barrels in the fish department store "Vitalur."

A sign on the door to the office

A sign made of wood in the door to the office.

Wine rack for 10 bottles

Wine rack for 10 bottles, is made of solid ash.

Wooden structure of pine. Canopy out of wood to the store "Vitalur"

The design out of wood to the store "Vitalur." Made of solid pine.

Pine bookcase

Built of pine bookcase with carved petroglyphs.

Panels of plaster "Dune"

Decorative panel made of gypsum in a frame of solid ash.

Carved icon of St. Nicholas

Carved icon of St. Nicholas out of solid ash.

Wood trim for furniture "Lion"

Cover for furniture Leo. Made of solid ash.

Candlesticks from wood of Karelian birch, ash and oak

Candlesticks from wood of Karelian birch, oak and ash.

Combs for hair curly birch wood, ash and oak

Combs for hair Karelian birch wood, ash and oak.

Bas-relief carved wooden picture

Carved souvenir bas-relief "Newsprint mill." Made-to-order organization "Asnova".

Tiles made of plywood with a pattern

Tiles made of plywood with a printed pattern. Lacquer or acrylic. Interior solution for living quarters.

Carved oak plaque

Carved from solid oak plaque with 3D milling.

Table top made of oak

Table top out of solid oak. Coverage - paint, lacquer.

Decorative items

Decorative items made of wood and furniture board. Words, scenery.