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Signboards and tablets from a wood

The workshop wonder workers offers manufacturing of wooden tablets, signboards from a wood and plywood, index signs from a furniture board and not edging board. Signboards and wooden tablets are made of a wood on the milling machine tool with CNC. The machine tool allows to cut out letters and images in a wood with split-hair accuracy.

From a wood it is possible to cover carved tablets with various coverings for example: beeswax, oil, a varnish or a paint. Signboards and tablets from a wood can be burnt and брашировать (scratch out fibres). Also it is possible to put a patina and by that to make old a product.

The inscription or the image on a wood can be made in two ways. The first (the fast and less expensive) is to make an engraving or a grooving carving on a wood surface. The second is to cut out "superfluous" wood and to leave only an inscription or the image.

If you want to buy the tablet from a tree or to order a wooden signboard address, please in e-mail In the letter specify the sizes of a product, type of wood and put drawing or the inscription or drawing sketch

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