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Wood carving

Workshop wonder workers offers wood carving on a CNC milling machine . Thread is performed on 3D-models. In the complex , workshop also offers copyright 3D modeling . Building a model is possible on photos and your sketches ( drawings ) . CNC milling machine allows to produce wood carvings : pictures, mirror frames , icons, reliefs, furniture elements ( pads ), cornices, moldings and much more.

All products are hand-completion ( cleaning and polishing ). For the manufacture of wood carvings wood is used technical and natural drying. Also offers a wide range of coatings and impregnation.

To place an order or miscalculation cost of carved wood products, please contact by e-mail For a more detailed answer: attach the sketch ( picture ), size of the products, their number and indicate your wishes on the materials and coating.

Orders for production of wood carvings made from Monday to Saturday (inclusive) from 9.00 to 21.00. Workshop wonder workers do not work on weekends and public holidays.

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