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Fragment of carved platbands "animal carving"

Fragment of carved trim on the door or window . Made of solid birch wood based Norwegian ( animal ) thread. Carved from wood trims are harmonious decoration of windows, doors and facades of the wooden house . House decor has come to us from antiquity. The exterior wooden houses by a thread, expressed various signs and amulets, attract good luck, health, happiness, and the forces of good . 

Workshop wonder workers offering house decor owners of private homes, villas and baths. Besides manufacturing workshop has been developing solutions for decorative exterior wooden houses , log cabins and baths "turnkey" . Available catalogs ornaments of all styles and eras. The cost of one meter ( made of pine, 150 mm wide ) - from $ 20. Orders of 100 m - Up to 25% . The workshop invites constant collaboration design studio , architect and construction companies.

To place an order for carved architraves and cornices of wood for your holiday home , please write to e-mail wonder.workers @ In a letter to specify the width and the number of linear feet of necessary products. If there are sketches or drawings, also apply them to the letter . If not , carved cornices and architraves , you can choose from a catalog. The workshop runs from 9.00 to 21.00 (Mon -Sat) .

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